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Loft Conversion
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With the ever growing cost of purchasing a property nowadays, not every property owner can even find the money to move to a bigger house simply to gain some extra space. It isn't only the housing prices which affect this, but also the cost of physically moving, which has become really expensive in recent times. When it is evident that your family is getting too big for your home and you can't afford to relocate there are still some good solutions.

A quite expensive option is to extend your home to gain that extra living space, however you might not get the necessary planning permission, and also your house may not be suitable. You could do a garage conversion, assuming that you have a garage and are not currently using it to park your car. Possibly the perfect answer is to have a loft conversion, which can add a lot of value to your home and isn't likely to require any planning permission.

Loft conversion has become very popular in recent years, mostly for the reasons mentioned above. You need to make sure that your property is in actual fact suited to a loft conversion before making a final judgement. Don't assume all properties are actually suitable, especially modern day homes which have trussed roofs. Some older properties which were built before the nineteen seventies are typically ideal for loft conversions because they were built with solid wood rafters and there tended to be a lot of head space.

To make certain your specific loft space is acceptable, you will need to get in touch with a builder to give it a look. The builder will provide you with a quote for the work as soon as he has established that your particular loft is suitable for converting. Speak to a few loft specialists and get a number of estimates so you've got a general idea of the probable costs. When choosing the perfect company for the job you should utilize your instinct and not merely go with the cheaper quotation.

Loft conversions pretty much never require the need for planning permission, so it is improbable that your conversion will. The planning department is where you must go to determine whether you need planning permission. A local loft conversion consultant will certainly have dealt with these problems frequently over the years, and so get their guidance at the start.

Do not imagine that doing a loft conversion will be cheap, as it's a fairly expensive thing to do. Some people put in for a loan for projects like this, or maybe take out a second mortgage on their house. As a broad guideline you might assume a loft conversion to cost you roughly as much as a fair sized brick extension and the likelihood is that you will gain more additional space with a loft conversion whilst not raising the footprint of your property.

Dormer LOft Conversions

The design and layout of your particular dwelling will have an impact on what sort of loft conversion you end up with. The different kinds of conversions include: dormer loft conversions, hip-to-gable conversions, loft pods, roof lift loft conversions, mansard conversions, roof light conversions and velux loft conversions. Speak with your builder or loft conversion specialist to confirm which kind is the best choice for your property as well as which would be the most cost effective to match your budget.

One of the most popular sorts of conversion at the moment is the dormer layout, a concept that delivers decent value for money, and still yields the most additional space. This is a well loved alternative for property owners as it is both functional and pleasing and provides all that could possibly be required. With this layout it's even feasible to add a balcony, meaning that you're generating added outdoor space too. You'll find there are distinct kinds of dormers namely hipped dormers, flat roofed dormers, shed dormers and Velux window dormers. Consult a professional to find out which will be the best choice for your specific house.

Velux Conversions

Without a doubt one of the best known brands of roof windows, Velux, have now been around for over 50 years and they can be trusted to deliver a loft window which is both prime quality and efficient. These are made to be fitted flush with the angle of the roof and hence don't alter the look of the roof structure, they do not ordinarily require permission plus they are fairly economical to put in. They produce a decent amount of daylight and actually could even need window blinds the summertime. If your loft space has a decent bit of headroom, a Velux windows might be just the thing for you, in particular if you're on a restricted budget.

Just How Long Could it Take?

The timescale for a conversion is determined by three or four aspects which include the degree of forward planning that's undertaken, the prevailing weather conditions, the proficiency of the constructors, the design of conversion and the availability of materials. As an approximate guide it should take about 4 to 5 weeks to carry out a rear dormer conversion on a terraced dwelling and approximately five or six weeks to do a hip to gable dormer on a semi-detached home.

You'll find a number of purposes to which the conversion can be put, as soon as it's complete. Some turn it into a new family bathroom, a TV room or an additional bedroom or two. But of course there are a number purposes to which a decent loft conversion can be put, constrained merely by your inventiveness!