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Viet Nam
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******* ******* ******* module placed on the fire until you see the match, was to be viscous. Dish served with vegetables Nam Pia banana and mint. Nam Pia original dish taste bitter taste and smell will see a foul-smelling breath. But they had tasted a couple of pieces, ignoring the original sense of smell and taste, then the next piece, will feel the aroma of suffering awards, a condiment only of the mountains. Rice, is a typical dish of the Northwest, especially ethnic Thai. Processed rice, very simple, made from glutinous rice, glutinous rice is soaked overnight then added to each tube of bamboo that her children called stitching (Lam Pa Nga), add just enough water to leaf node or banana leaves and then put on kitchen dong firewood until scorched shell bamboo tube emits fragrance from rice, water bamboo tube is not ripe. This is very strange dishes, ingredients are more cows or goats to winter weather, tail, stomach, heart and indispensable stalk stuff viscous water from inside the intestines of cows, it is called "Pia". People choose to get a good small intestine segment PIA, continental government security organs and bones to get water, then pour into the PIA, has also added some secret place cows on PIA. Small intestine after taking part to fasten the ends, cut into pieces, mixed herbs, powders questions of merit (forest pepper), garlic, chili, shredded smell ship ... and then boil up. Then parting only hard part remaining tight layer thin silk white rice each tree must be smart when chopped peeled tubes of rice, if not keep the layer thin silk of rice shall be deemed to have lost half their value, in class thin white silk shell had transient slightly salty, slightly smoky flavor of the forest and, rice, salt or sesame are scored depending on the preferences of each person, there are also the people eating rice with dishes dot dots characteristic diagonal Thai ethnicity, to cross-processed salt, freshly baked chilli, coriander ... especially indispensable kind of question of merit, all were crushed.